I am broken…

for Newtown. Good God…

Police reported that 27 people, including 20 children and six adults were killed in Newtown, Ct., after a lone gunman opened fire during the school day Friday, NBC News reported. The gunman died at the scene.

Updated [12/15]: Information is coming fast and furious. Not everthing seems to be correct (i.e. the monster killed his own mother at their home); looks like the nutter may have used an AR-pattern rifle

Orr reports that authorities found two guns on the gunman’s body, a Glock 9 mm pistol and a Sig Sauer pistol. A Bushmaster assault rifle was found in the vehicle, Orr reports.

Meanwhile, a law enforcement official says authorities found more guns inside the school than the initial two that had been reported. The official would not say what type of guns were found but says all the weapons were being traced by state and federal authorities. The official was not authorized to speak to reporters about the investigation and spoke only on condition of anonymity.

A law enforcement source told CBS News’ Pat Milton that casings (spent shells) from a .223 semi automatic rifle were found inside the school.

I’m sure we’ll know more once the flood of speculation slows.
In the meantime, please pray for this community.