New Year, SSDD

Flinging into 2013… from AoSHQ:

Domino’s Wins Temporary Injunction Against Birth-Control Mandate on Religious Conscience Grounds

As is true with so much of our politics — and I think this is detestable — the bottom-line consequences of what they seek are minor in the extreme.  What is really sought is an encoded-into-law declaration of the legal supremacy of one culture over another, to the extent that the culture which has lost this political debate is actually now illegal and cannot exist as it previously had.

This isn’t about $3-6 per month, of course.  It’s specifically about using the law to win a cultural argument through coercive force.  If you can’t persuade them, criminalize them.

This will continue and grow worse in 2013. God, please, save us from ourselves.

Happy New Year, everyone.