Tony Posawatz, Fisker CEO, waxes on clean tech and… gun control?

Tony Posawatz, CEO of nearly defunct, taxpayer-funded Fisker (who is telling congress they may be filing for bankruptcy), is shown in a brief clip talking to Alan Murray at the 2013 ECO:nomics conference. Tony talks about adoption of new technology, market penetration, and, “hey, well, we made something”

“I won’t get political on anyone here today, but if the gun industry was as regulated as my industry, we’d have a lot less issues, if you will.”

Wait, what? Someone who can scarcely manage the production of an over-priced, sometimes-running electric car has the nerve to make an non-sequitur aside at firearms?

If anything, the largest difference is one of privilege (vehicles, driving), and constitutional rights (2nd Amendment). And second, by that logic, certain urban centers in this great nation of ours should be an oasis of low-crime (looking at you DC, Chicago, Philly, NYC).

I’m not discounting further efforts that we ought to make to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals, the mentally ill, but it’s sad to see yet another smart individual equate more laws with less crime.


2 thoughts on “Tony Posawatz, Fisker CEO, waxes on clean tech and… gun control?

  1. Personally, I think the firearms industry should be regulated in a manner similar to the auto industry. Those regulations are largely concerned with product quality and, if applied to firearms, would destroy Rave, Lorcet, and a host of other shoddy producers who cater almost exclusively to the ghetto market and whose products account for the majority of firearm-related crimes…or would it be racist to deny Blacks cheap guns to murder each other with?

    All that being said, this guy is a douchebag.

  2. I don’t mind ‘cheap’ guns if defined by basic, simple construction, fewer parts, reliable, and/or easy to maintain. I don’t think folks of lesser means should have a modicum of lethal protection out reach. Take away the bargain basement brands, new ones (next rung up the ladder) will fill its place.

    However, if a particular manufacturer makes notoriously unsafe products, they should reap the whirlwind (as “The Ring of Fire” has, last I recall). Bruce Jennings was a real charmer, too — and by charmer I mean a really mentally sick person. Folks like him, his Bryco brand, and the others (Lorcin, Raven, Phoenix) give the whole tradition of firearms, used for any legal purpose, a black eye.

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