What’s an Iron Whirlygig?

I thought you might ask! A few decades ago, PBS sponsored a series of life-lesson films for children called Inside/Out. The endings were left open-ended to provoke discussion and nothing was particularly sugar-coated. One particular show (Buy and Buy), two brothers are obessed with being “the first on their block” to own a new toy (The Iron Whirlygig, or WHIRL-A-GIG) being promoted on TV by their favorite host. When they are faced with having to use their own money, they quickly learn the price of wanting something.

This is a perfect metaphore for life. We all secretly want to keep up with the Joneses, being first/right feels invigorating, and when we have the capability to do something (i.e.: purchasing power, arguing a point) the natural inclination is to pull the trigger.

I want to encourage you differently. There is a better way. Whether it’s life, work, family, liesure, or death… I’ll talk about it here. Don’t be surprised to find a post one day on a family issue we all share, followed next by a rant about Team Foundation Server.

A Seattle Area Tech Geek painting his own Velvet Elvis.

Banner photo Copyright Oleg Volk