Busy year…

Foggy-Sunrise_-Seattle-Skyline-_-Mt_-Rainier8197075467337321062Infrequent posting due to work, family (just had our 4th!), and life. Twitter is tempting, but I miss the long form.

I know a lot of folks feel on edge based on current events and our administration’s various agendas. But please hang in there; the fight for our 2nd Amendment (and other) rights won’t be going away any time soon.

No matter who is in power, individual liberty will always stand athwart big government.

[Incidentally, I’ve published some older posts from last year, and even January, that I just didn’t feel up to throwing out there during and after a revolting election season. I re-evaluated them and felt they should be there. Obvioiusly, these issues have been long sorted out, or are still in the process.]

Slow motion

My posting frequency has slowed considerably because , since February, I’ve been out of work.  My company had two rounds of lay-offs in the face of all this Hope and Change; one late last year and one in February.

You’d think that being unemployed you would have all this extra time to post and rant.  I have not.  I have now been out of work for nearly 5 months and have spent the majority of that time looking for new work.  I have been online, on the phone, and in interviews for most of that time, as well.  Looking for work is nearly a full-time job.

It’s an amazing test of one’s faith in God, and a discovery of who you can count on.  We have found out just how blessed we truly are … and how thankful we are to still be in our starter home with our (relatively) miniscule mortgage!

I’ve got some promising interviews coming up in the next couple weeks… keeping the prayers up and fingers crossed!

Take heart, those of you still looking out there… there is still work available.

I’m just concerned, after I get a job, about how much more we, the producers, will be punished by our government… and that has kept me up at night more than being unemployed.

Congratulations, President-Elect Obama

The acceptance speech was largely moving (not so much the beginning, but the rest).  Thank you, Mr. Obama.

I’m still waiting for the investigations into vote fraud that occurred in many polls around the country.  And, most importantly, Obama’s highly-questionable fund raising scheme.

No, I’m not holding out for some sort of magical McCain win.  I’m just refusing to back down on issues I stood upon before this election.

Keep in mind, this is still the MOST UNVETTED PRESIDENT-ELECT EVER.  The stuff that will shake out and come to pass over the next 4 years will be nothing short of breathtaking … and not the good kind.

I like this open letter over at Petterico’s… but I would add one more thing:

Stay the hell away from our guns, the regulation of guns, “public health” policies that would in any way affect our ownership & carry of guns, the 2nd Amendment, all forms of punitive taxes & legislation on or against ammunition (as well as suspicious “heatlh studies” that target ammunition) and we’ll get along fine.

Exercise your Rights Day!

In accordance with all the Brady anti-gun moobattery happening today, the national pro-Second Amendment community has declared this a “National Ammo Day Jr.” or “Exercise your Rights Day”.  Does it really matter?  Just go out and buy some ammo, a gun, or anything else you feel will promote your Second Amendment rights.

I’m looking at a Mosin-Nagant M-91/30 (Tula built – with the cool Hex-shaped receiver).

Another Vietnam Vet Passes On

My uncle, Steve, served aboard a U.S. Navy submarine based out of Guam during the Vietnam war.

He passed on Easter Sunday just this last month. I know I will get to see him again someday when my spirit slips the surly bonds of flesh and earth as his just did.

He has been battling cancer for a few years now — multiple sclerosis for a few years before that.

Sorry it’s taken so long to post this, but I was waiting on more Details to come — scanned photos, photos of any service pins, etc. I will post all I can (and appropriate) when I can get a hold of such things.

I think the most wonderful thing that came out of this was the tremendous outpouring of love I witnessed from my father toward his younger brother throughout his ordeal… Taking care of loose ends (to put it nicely); Consulting an attourney to construct a will & living will; Arranging proper hospice care and trying to get Medicaid set up for him (which in the end was unnecessary); Comforting their mother; Staying with Steve for nearly a month in my grandmother’s Colorado home until the end. It’s a side of my Dad that doesn’t make frequent appearances except when the situation calls for it, and then it flows generously. I love him so very much and can only hope that I am as compassionate with my family.