Dispelling the 90% Canard

Since when do 90% of Americans agree on anything?  Yet somehow, a push poll stat has wormed its way into the debate over firearms.

The problem with polls are that you can force a desired outcome from them. And both sides of any debate are capable doing such a thing.

However, this particular CBS News/New York Times Poll has garnered attention because it has been oft repeated by the President and many others trying limit our 2nd Amendment rights.

So, what did this poll consist of? The only question asked of 1110 adults nationwide was:

Do you favor or oppose a federal law requiring background checks on all potential gun buyers?

That’s it. No nuance; just an answer in search of a question.

So, for the record, we do have the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act. It was signed into law over 19 years ago. It “requires that background checks be conducted on individuals before a firearm may be purchased from a federally licensed dealer, manufacturer or importer…”  It also established the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (aka NICS).

The only exception to this federal rule is private sales of firearms. That is, if I wanted to sell my privately, legally owned firearm to anyone else legally elligible to own a firearm. If I suspect or know that someone cannot legally posess one (like my neighbor with multiple felonies), I am prohibited from selling it to them.  If unlawful activity were to occur as a result of that individual obtaining that firearm, it would inevitably point back to me, and I would face federal charges. Some states, themselves, prohibit private sales without background checks.

I think its safe to assume that the majority of Americans gun owners are responsible, and feel their government should trust their discression when it comes to private sales.  Or, perhaps they don’t desire to pay a premium for a brand-new firearm from a dealer. So, they seek out folks they know in their community, or someone they can establish trust with, to purchase the type/make/model of firearm the desire for less than they’d pay at a formal dealer.  And, again, the majority of Americans feel they should be treated as adults to make these decisions.

To that end, what the poll DIDN’T ask was…

 “Do you favor or oppose a federal law requiring background checks on all sales, including private sales of guns (aka private property) ?”

I think we would be seeing some different results with this improved wording. So, I think we can speculate that the pollsters in question knew that such a phrasing would not obtain them the results they wanted.  I mean, hell, I’d have a difficult time saying “no”… though in the back of my mind I would immediately question, “do they mean private sales, as well?”

Follow-up questions, encapsulating the consequences of such action, would have shaped a different outcome, as well. Questions about filling out a 4473 or other FFL-type paperwork and paying a small ransom just to file and verify said information through NICS. These are the kinds of things that most folks oppose.

If there was a way to check, leave zero paper-trail/footprints, and cap costs to what the transaction of information actually costs (few dollars at best), I think you might find more support.  However, you’d have to do something to overcome the current level of distrust you, the politicians, this tact has exacerbated.

Worse, though, was the language of the Machin-Toomey bill. I’ll let Professor Volokh explain.  For TL;DR types…

The result of the disparity is “pro-gun” provisions which are actually very strong anti-gun provisions: The supposed ban on federal firearms registration authorizes federal gun registration. The supposed strengthening of FOPA’s interstate transportation protection exempts two of the worst states (the reason why FOPA was needed in the first place), and provides any easy path for every other abusive state to make FOPA inapplicable.

Anyway, folks ought to stop throwing this figure around. It’s not remotely representative, the response was decidedly shaped by the question, and as a result, when many hear it mentioned, they tune out.  It’s a subtle way of saying, “I’m not prepared to work with you on our rights”.


New Year, SSDD

Flinging into 2013… from AoSHQ:

Domino’s Wins Temporary Injunction Against Birth-Control Mandate on Religious Conscience Grounds

As is true with so much of our politics — and I think this is detestable — the bottom-line consequences of what they seek are minor in the extreme.  What is really sought is an encoded-into-law declaration of the legal supremacy of one culture over another, to the extent that the culture which has lost this political debate is actually now illegal and cannot exist as it previously had.

This isn’t about $3-6 per month, of course.  It’s specifically about using the law to win a cultural argument through coercive force.  If you can’t persuade them, criminalize them.

This will continue and grow worse in 2013. God, please, save us from ourselves.

Happy New Year, everyone.

Steyn on Fluke

Thank you, Mark, for putting things in perspective

“No, the most basic issue here is not religious morality, individual liberty, or fiscal responsibility. It’s that a society in which middle-aged children of privilege testify before the most powerful figures in the land to demand state-enforced funding for their sex lives at a time when their government owes more money than anyone has ever owed in the history of the planet is quite simply nuts.”

In fact, there’s nothing that screams, ‘setup’ like the faux-hearing that Pelosi created to hear this “testimony” of hers in the first place, followed by her her interview on The View, insisting that the likes of Media Matters for America is a spectacular, unbiased source.  That’s just insulting.

Further, that she crys that she is being shut out by Rush Limbaugh. Being on all the talk shows she’s been on, I guess that irony is lost on her. Even more suspect is the personal phone call she received from the President.

And the curiosity continues now that she is being represented by SKDKnickerbocker, who has among its Washington Managing Directors, former Obama White House Communications Director, Anita Dunn.  You remember her and the ‘flag@whitehouse.gov’ snitch line, Attackwatch, her regular meetings with former Media Matters president Eric Burns, etc.

But Media Matters insists that’s all hogwash, and it may well be… after all, embedded plays are perfectly ok for Democrats. They’re only cardinals sins for everyone else… it’s all about intentions, after all (and the great pavement that they make on the road to hell).

Mark’s close says it best.

Almost every matter of the moment boils down to the same story: The Left’s urge to narrow the bounds of public discourse and insist that “conventional wisdom” unknown to the world the day before yesterday is now as unquestionable as the laws of physics.

Another sociopath takes a dirt nap

The victim could have been any unarmed citizen in California; unfortunately for this SOB it was an off-duty cop that was — fortunately — carrying concealed… one dirt nap coming right up!
[Shaun Adam] Vilan, who was on parole after spending six years in state prison for two assaults, had a lengthy history of ganging up on people and attacking them, according to court records. His convictions included two unprovoked assaults in 1996 and 1998, which involve Vilan smashing two people in the face with beer bottles.
…And on and on and on (more incidents listed in the article).

Shaun, I hope you and Jesus had it all worked out.

Graffiti, Taggers and other Abominations

Seattle Times did a terrific bit on just what it costs you and me in local tax dollars to keep our locales clean of the scrawlings made by the worm-ridden filth among us:

“The effort is expensive. Seattle Public Utilities spent about $1 million last year for graffiti enforcement, removal, education and outreach, while King County Metro Transit spent $734,000 last year to rid buses, tunnels, park and rides and bus shelters of graffiti.

It’s hard for officials to talk with any certainty about graffiti trends. Because so many city agencies deal with it, no one keeps a centralized database of complaints.

And there are a lot.

Seattle Public Utilities has averaged about 7,300 a year since 2008, said Linda Jones, manager of the graffiti-rangers team. Some are divvied up among the six rangers. The rest are handed off to other city agencies…”

So, they do it for the cheap thrills, the notoriety among other tagging SOBs, and in some cases, apparently, to feed their “addiction”.  Some never outgrow it.

The only thing that will stop these individuals is swift justice (jail, fines) and hundreds to thousands of hours of hard community service/labor.  I could think of some more violent measures, too, but I’m happy to leave those off the table for maximum, lawful penalties.

Hot for Rapist?

This is too much

SEATTLE – The odyssey of Mary Kay Letourneau, which began years ago when she was a 34-year-old teacher who raped a sixth-grade student, has now evolved into “Hot for Teacher” night at a Pioneer Square bar.

But the bar’s owner says the event is all in fun, and he hopes people take it in the right spirit.

Letourneau, who eventually served time for raping her former student then later married him after her release from prison, will be hosting the event Saturday at Fuel Sports Eats & Beats on Washington Street.

With all the high-profile cases of teachers preying  sexually on students, how can anyone possibly, “take it in the right spirit?”

[Fuel’s owner, Mike] Morris said this is actually the third time that Letourneau and Fualaau have hosted a “Hot for Teachers” night at the nightclub. The first two events were low-key, and he said patrons really warmed up to the couple.

“We get lots of people who want to come meet them. And once they do meet them, they’re like, ‘Oh my God, she’s so down-to-earth and so nice, and he’s such a good DJ,’ that it’s creating like a stir or a buzz, and its bringing people back,” Morris says.

Letourneau’s role is to make people feel welcome and comfortable, he says.

“She meets people, she greets people, she dances to music, she hosts the party,” Morris says. “And she’s an absolute sweetheart. And everyone who meets her realizes that and is kind of flabbergasted by how nice she is.”

Yeah, especially her children that she callously left behind as she pursued her relationship with her grade-school-aged sweetheart.

Yes, yes, yes, I understand that there were marital issues and that things were not at all well in the Letourneau household (Steve was cheating).  But what kind mother does that?  If you have children and your spouse cuts out on you like Steve did, don’t you focus on your children and take care of them?

And it doesn’t matter if her sex with Vili was consensual or not in this case because she was his teacher.  She betrayed and abused the trust that exists between teacher and student.

I really wish these two would dip back below the radar and stop making such a joke about such a descructive relationship.  Teachers everywhere, especially here in the Northwest, will be better off for it.

What the Frack?

First off, I couldn’t give two sh*ts about Inaguration Tuesday.  Anybody jaded enough to think we could never fairly vote a person of color or minority status to the nation’s highest office has my eternal pity for their shallow beliefs in our great country and her people.  I mean, do you really have that little faith in America that such a thing could never happen?  Feel the pity.

Second, this makes me laugh …especially considering the past protestations of the 2005 President Bush Inauguration.  Folks, wanting it both ways; ain’t it cute?

Finally, Nobel laureate, Paul Krugman’s, solution to the economy: massive government spending! Up to $5 TRILLION even!  His most priceless quote:

“I say thank God we did not privatize Social Security; the one rock of our retirement system that is still there. At least we have that. It’s a reminder that’s it’s a good policy introduced 70 years ago,” Krugman said. “People have lost their portfolios. There’s not much Uncle Sam or anybody can do about that.”

Ha!  Social Security is a rock all right, Paul!  And it’s one of the rocks tied around our feet that is sinking us.  It is bankrupttrillions in unfunded obligations (this is not hypothetical, this is real).  Long term, privatizing Social Security would have had a far better outlook that the current, broken program which was painted far too rosy by overly inflated wage-growth assumptions by the CBO.  Now we may be out of time to act in such a way that will not put people’s retirements at risk.

This is the same Nobel laureate who said our government-run VA medical system is a success story.  I’m not Nobel-grade material, but I recognize a government ponzi-scheme when I see one, regardless of how it is wrapped.

And of course, this economic solution he speaks of has to be done, “…fast and massively.”  You know, so folks won’t have a chance to sniff the keynesian snake-oil and ask questions before it’s shoved down our throats.

And the Obamamedia circle jerk continues.